Effective Agile and Organizational Change

Headshot of Jim MorganJim Morgan, M.A., CCMP®, PMI-ACP®, PMP®, created the first evidence-based model for Agile organizational change (OC) and invented a complete Agile-at-scale system, Full Stack Scrum™. As “The Radical Agilist,” Jim has shown that other Agile and OC approaches miss important lessons from social science and thus add unnecessary time and money costs. His expertise comes from a vast amount of research through the scientific literature, decades of experience improving teams, and an unusual combination of rigorous certifications. Here’s the proof:

  • Authorship of three Web books based on reviews of hundreds of scientific and trade sources, detailing:
    • A Lean, free, open-source alternative to other Agile systems, scaled for use by any size of organization from a single startup team to an entire large enterprise: Full Stack Scrum™.
    • The SuddenTeams™ Program, a method of permanently improving teamwork by creating team structures as recommended by researchers (first published as a paperback).
    • The Truth about Teambuilding, busting the myths about teambuilding with scientific evidence.
  • Training and coaching of hundreds of project/program managers on Agile or teamwork.
  • Creation of an “An Evidence-Based Model for Agile Organizational Change,” the first approach to Agile culture change based on a review of objective evidence as opposed to biased personal success stories.
  • Rigorous certifications that require proof of having done the work, extensive training, comprehensive exams, and continuing education, in three overlapping disciplines:
    • Certified Change Management Professional (one of only 500 globally when earned).
    • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (5+ years).
    • PMI Project Management Professional (10+ years).
  • Measurable successes in improving performance and processes in every position held, at small (25 people), medium (300 people), and large enterprises (Honeywell, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Microsoft, NetApp).
  • Experience working at all levels of an enterprise:
    • Single teams to multi-team programs to entire organizations.
    • C-suite leaders, middle managers, supervisors, and team members.
  • Exceptional communication skills:
    • Written—A former professional writer who came to project management from technical writing, and wrote a master’s thesis on persuasion.
    • Verbal—Extensive training credits, including classroom training for PMI; conference and professional group presentations; and guest-lectures in universities.
  • High scores on scientific tests for persistence toward long-term goals and the ability to read others’ emotions.
  • Ongoing participation in professional groups related to Agile, organizational change, and specific technologies or processes (DevOps, Internet of Things, digital health, etc.).
  • Driving energy, discipline, and concentration from years as a martial arts black belt.

For my employment and education history, see my resume or LinkedIn profile. If you still have doubts about interviewing me, please see Addressing Concerns.