Agile Training Based in Durham, N.C.

Save Up to $100,000 a Year Per Team

For Agile training and transformation in Durham, N.C., or farther afield, don’t waste your money and employees’ time on ineffective classroom training. Agile is a philosophy embodied in a set of skills, and skills are only learned through practice. That’s why every sports team does most of its training on the field (court, pitch, etc.).

The Full Stack Scrum™ experience created by Jim Morgan is perfect for smaller companies, like the many startups that could benefit from Agile training in the Durham area. Each team learns scaled Agile while planning its work and improves its coordination on the fly. You pay rates based on your growth stage, designed to encourage early adoption of helpful business practices.

Don’t be misled by some training and consulting firms who just want to make more profit off you by selling days-long training and placing full-time Scrum Masters. Hiring an SM for each team violates the Agile principle of self-organization, and decades of research into the benefits of self-direction. With salary, benefits, and productivity losses, that easily costs you more than $100,000 per year. Jim trains your existing personnel to fill these roles, which done properly require a small amount of their work time in exchange for the whole company moving much faster.

For cost-effective Agile training in Durham, N.C., or your town, read up on the process or just contact Jim.