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In 2009, I converted the 500-page training manual I used to create high-performing teams through my part-time TeamTrainers™ Consulting practice into a “do-it-yourself” book based eventually on more than 600 sources. I pulled it from publication upon closing down the practice for a better work-life balance. (The book referenced the Web site extensively.) The free PDF version below is essentially the same text, which cost $24.99 in print. I share it here in support of my ongoing mission to “spread the value of true teamwork as widely as possible.” You can also download a short book I provided free with easy practical steps for improving team performance quickly, and forms that were available on the TeamTrainers site.

Although each of these could no doubt use some updating, another reason I stopped my practice was this: Most of what you need to do to improve teamwork has been well-known scientifically for decades… but few managers do it. New research tends only to clarify details or reinforce what we already know, and most management fads merely rehash old concepts that, again, no one actually go around to implementing. Want to make real, lasting changes? Download the book and make them!