Agile Training in Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

From an Intro to a Fractional Scrum Master

For Agile training or a Fractional Scrum Master in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., area, hire someone who has trained dozens of Scrum Masters and changed organizational cultures to the Agile mindset. Coach Jim Morgan learned Scrum in a 25-person startup in 2008 and worked his way up to Agile training/coaching in companies like Red Hat, Honeywell, and a 250-person mid-stage startup. Along the way he evolved a Lean-er, cheaper approach to enterprise Agile that includes a very light process for startups. It solves the paradox of how to leave founders in control of their companies while also maximizing the freedom of workers. (Research proves empowered workers are happier and more productive, and people often join startups instead of larger companies to gain more autonomy.) He now promotes earlier use of Agile structures and processes in small and medium organizations as “The Radical Agilist.”

Agile is a philosophy embodied in a set of skills, and skills are only learned through practice. That’s why every sports team does most of its training on the field (court, pitch, etc.). The “Slight FuSS™” experience, part of Jim’s Full Stack Scrum™ system, is perfect for smaller companies, like the many startups that could benefit from Agile training in the Durham area. Each team learns scaled Agile while planning its work and improves its coordination on the fly. You pay rates based on your growth stage, designed to encourage early adoption of modern business practices instead of the typical bureaucracy. Jim can:

  • Provide a hands-on introduction with reference to detailed, open-source instructions;
  • Guide the founder to full adoption through one-on-one coaching; and/or
  • Serve as a Fractional Scrum Master (called a “Facilitator” in FuSS) until someone in each team is willing to take over.

For cost-effective Agile training in the Raleigh-Durham area, read up on the full range of services or just contact Jim.

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