The SuddenTeams™ Program

Build a Team Structure,
Raise Productivity,
Lower Costs and Stress

Team building games are fun, but they do little to make permanent, cost-effective changes in the way a team performs. Teamwork scientists say creating a team structure is the only proven way to get the results you want from your team. This hypertext was originally published as a “do-it-yourself” book version of the 500-page manual used by TeamTrainers™ Consulting for 14 years to create high-performance teams and train team leaders. Based on more than 600 scientific and professional sources and years of field experience, The SuddenTeams™ Program has little in the way of history, theory, or arguments for teaming. Instead, it is a step-by-step manual that will help you convert a “so-called team” into a “true team,” optimize a good existing team, or solve team problems. Included are preparation and team training procedures, a guide to managing true teams, and forms and examples. You also get many pages of techniques for troubleshooting a wide range of teamwork issues. Creating the cost-effectiveness, high output, and high job satisfaction of a true team takes time and work, like anything worth having. But this free site will get you there much faster.


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